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And the NALIP’s 2016 Latino Lens U.S. TV Hispanic Drama Series Incubator Participants Are…

And the NALIP’s 2016 Latino Lens U.S. TV Hispanic Drama Series Incubator Participants Are…

Early in 2016, NALIP announced a major incubation program, Latino Lens: U.S. Hispanic Drama Series Incubator, supported by Univision and Televisa in an effort to boost Latino diversity in Television.

NALIP conducted an internal search for talented, U.S.-based candidates that are U.S.-based bilingual (Spanish/English) NALIP members who have demonstrated an ability to craft fresh, authentic and original stories reflecting the social and cultural reality of the current U.S. Latino market and environment.

NALIP announced the Latino content creators that were selected to participate in the 2016 Latino Lens U.S TV Hispanic Drama Series Incubator:

  • Evette Vargas / Ricardo Reyes   
  • Joaquin Palma  
  • Tanya Leal-Soto
  • Jorge Ramirez-Martinez
  • Juan Martinez Vera
  • Pili Valdez
  • Sabrina Almeida             
  • Sebastian Badilla / Gonzalo Badilla
  • Luis Horacio Pineda
  • Ruth Livier
  • Yelina de Leon

The incubator’s aim is to develop fresh, innovative and creative content for Univision and Televisa platforms through the recruitment, mentorship, funding, development and advancement of Latino content creators and NALIP membership. Participants recently met with mentors and executives from Televisa and Univision to discuss writing assignments given to each individual.

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